Established in Doncaster 1931

Your Eyewear

Wearing glasses may be a necessity but that doesn’t mean that they need to be purely functional. In fact today’s range of glasses can be the ultimate fashion and wardrobe accessory. This is why we offer an amazingly extensive range of frames which covers all tastes, budgets and requirements. We can help you choose the perfect frames for you by assessing what you need and pointing you in the right direction. We are pleased to offer friendly advice on those that you try, especially if you’re here on your own and you would like us to help.


We are specialists in the latest lens technology especially the new generation “Freeform” progressive lenses which provide virtually distortion free vision.  These give amazing distance vision, mid-range vision and reading vision all in one lens.   Also we can advise on how you can get the thinnest, the lightest and the best looking lenses possible using Multi coated Hi Index materials.  Another really great development is the new range of lenses designed for either COMPUTER and OFFICE Work or TV and OFFICE Work which make working at medium and close range so much easier than before.  Once you have tried these you will never want to go back to just wearing reading glasses.  Ask for a free demonstration of these lenses.

We have had over 50 years experience in supplying safety spectacles for many local industries and can also provide specially designed frames and lenses for those who play sport.   And, to help you look great when you are going on holiday and want to enjoy the sunshine, we offer a stunning range of designer frames for great looking and practical sunglasses.