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Lenses are our thing!

We really enjoy explaining how they work and to help you choose the most effective design to give you the best vision possible.   Major developments in spectacle lens technology means that now lenses can make you see better and look better in them than ever before.
Being an independent practice, we have the choice of optical lens manufacturers from around the world.  These include Rodenstock, Shamir, Norville, Essilor, Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya and Seiko to name just a few.


Single Vision Lenses.

These single power lenses have the same corrective prescription over the entire surface.  They are usually prescribed for Distance Vision (inc Driving and TV etc) or for close work (Reading).

These are used to incorporate two different prescriptions into one lens so that (for example) you can have the upper area of the lens as a Distance Vision lens and the lower area for Reading.  They remove the hassle of having to switch between two pairs of glasses for different tasks.

Varifocal or Progressive lenses.
These have a gradual change of power across the lens so that as you look downwards the power gradually increases from distance vision through intermediate vision and then to reading.  They are the most popular choice of multi-purpose lens having no telltale lines on the surface and are usually much easier to adapt to than bifocals.

  Freeform Progressive lenses
This is the latest development in progressive lenses which uses computer technology to design the lens surfaces to achieve incredible sharpness and clarity across the width of the lens.  They give a much improved comfort and vision when compared to older designs.  Our staff will be pleased to explain and demonstrate these superb lenses to you.

Vocational (Office) lenses
An increasingly popular choice for office workers as they give you longer range vision through the upper half of the lens to make it easier to see your computer screen combined with a stronger  prescription  in the lower half for normal reading tasks.  These lenses are just great, they make office work so much easier and greatly help to reduce eye strain.  We would be delighted to demonstrate these lenses to you.

Lens Coatings

Anti-Reflective Coatings
These reduce the reflections on the surfaces by almost 10% and in most cases the lenses look virtually invisible.  This reduces ghost rings and glare and this improvement is especially noticeable when driving at night.  The reduced glare also helps to make using a computer more comfortable too.

Hard Coating
These increase the durability of the lens and reduce surface scratching, great for someone who is frequently in a dusty environment.

Polarised lenses
These specially tinted lenses prevent reflected glare from shiny flat surfaces such as water, wet roads and snow , and are ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, driving, skiing and sailing etc.

 Photochromic lenses
These are virtually clear indoors and they darken outdoors when exposed to the ultra-violet light in sunlight.  They do work really well and are perfect for someone whose lifestyle takes them frequently between indoors and outdoors.