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Contact Lenses

Todays soft contact lenses are instantly comfortable and can be worn for long periods.  They give superb all-round vision and are the perfect solution to the problem of vision in active sports and swimming etc.  Contact lenses work especially well in partnership with a modern pair of spectacles.

Most people opt for either Daily Disposable or Monthly disposable lenses which give the alternative of either the ultimate vision and comfort or the best of comfort and economy.  We can also now  supply you with an increasing number of contact lenses for near vision,–  these are  available in varifocal and bifocal form and in a format known as alternate vision.

Eyes that have a high degree of astigmatism can also be corrected and an increasing number of soft lenses are becoming available for this. These are known as Toric lenses.

It is important to remember that eye health is a primary consideration for contact lens wearers due to the lens’ close proximity to the eye.

This is why we have the best quality lenses on offer from leading manufacturers such as Cooper Vision, Acuvue, Sauflon, Alcon and Bausch & Lomb delivering you the best in comfort and durability. And, why we ensure we keep a close eye on your eye health with a detailed check up each year.

We can offer you a range of tailored packages which cover a variety of lens types – daily, weekly, 2 weekly, monthly or extended wear, and can combine this with your checkups and cleaning solutions.

OUR CONTACT LENS PACKAGE gives you the benefits of :  Free Annual Contact Lens Check-Ups, Free Annual Sight Tests,  All Contact Lens Solutions, Free Spare Lenses if you run out between replacement batches and 20% OFF any prescription spectacles you order.  So it is a really great option.
And, even if you have received your prescription from another optician we are happy to discuss your requirements and find a contact lens package to suit.