Established in Doncaster 1931


Eyewear for Children

Never before has eyewear been so cool for teenagers and younger children!

We have an enviable range of frames for younger children with either their favourite characters adorning the frame sides, or just ones that are designed to enhance their smaller, more delicate features.

The latest trend of “Geek Chic” designs with their distinctive dark rims are just incredibly popular too and it has never before been so trendy to wear glasses as it is now.

If your child is struggling to see the TV or board at school it may mean that they are short sighted. Or, if they are finding it uncomfortable to see things close up it could be that they are long sighted or have an eye muscle imbalance problem.  If you notice either of these it may be prudent for them to undergo a detailed eye test. It only takes about 25 minutes and is completely free for all children under the age of 16.

And, whilst they are having their eye test we will explain what the equipment and procedures are for and why we do them. And, when that’s complete we’ll be sure to make them welcome whilst we help you to choose their brand new glasses.

Furthermore, because kids are kids, we offer a free repair service and also help towards the cost of a replacement if required.

We like to think that choosing glasses can be great fun!