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Your Eye Health

Just 30 minutes every two years. That’s all it takes to carry out a routine eye test. And whilst it is important for you to be able to see clearly, and is a legal requirement for everyday tasks such as driving, it is worth pointing out that we can discover a whole lot more about your health too. Think of it as a window to certain health conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, blood pressure, cataracts and heart conditions, all of which can benefit from the difference early diagnosis can make.


We now offer OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) using the very latest hospital grade equipment to examine your retina to a cellular level.  This can detect some eye condition 4-5 years earlier than a standard test. * An extra charge is payable for this test

We can also determine age related eye complaints such as worsening reading vision, often occurring as a result of general wear and tear. And, more seriously we can identify macular degeneration, another age related eye condition. Bell Brothers have been accredited as a Doncaster NHS Screening Centre to provide Stable Glaucoma check ups for glaucoma patients as an alternative to them attending the Doncaster Royal Infirmary Eye Clinic.   Similarly, at the opposite end of the spectrum we are involved in a new NHS Doncaster Trial, The Children’s Vision Screening service.  Bell Brothers carry out an initial assessment of a child`s vision and report our findings on to the NHS for further treatment if required. Both of these services save the NHS substantial expense, speed up the entire process and make it a much more pleasant experience all round.

We are delighted to be involved with these schemes. And, because we like to move with the times we have invested in the latest technology to maintain healthy eyes – a fundus camera. This amazing piece of equipment takes a detailed picture of your eye and is an excellent diagnostic tool for certain conditions. Remember that you only have one pair of eyes and we’re here to help you keep them in the best condition possible.    
There are a number of excellent leaflets produced by the Macular Society regarding macular degeneration.
this can be viewed here